I was in and out of the room last night, but I got to see the last 15 minutes or so of last night’s episode of The Flash. Despite already knowing the villains identity, the show managed to pull out some major surprises. I love the hell out of this show, I truly do. It does what the other DC media lacks, and embraces what it is. Add in, of course, great acting and writing and characters (maybe not Iris or Linda, sorry).

Meanwhile SHIELD continues to be watchably disappointing. However: Angar the Screamer!

Hey, speaking of The Flash:
Last couple hours or so for the Flash variant cover. Until it gets re-listed.

New 5 days or so for the same-ol’ Multiversity variant cover. Newly re-re-listed. C’mon people.

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    • jason on March 18, 2015 at 12:40 pm

    Nice alien!

    I’ve only seen one episode of the Flash, but it was pretty enjoyable. I’m pretty burnt out on broody super heroes so that show is a good change of pace.

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