Had to spend the evening alone last night. Coulda been dangerous. Made it through. Watched ASS BACKWARD, an okay enough comedy with June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson. Some parts were fantastic, otherwise, it kinda dragged and the main characters were far too unlikeable. Then in my search for more Broken Lizard stuff, I watched FAT MAN LITTLE BOY, a stand-up special with Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme. It was funny. I enjoyed more of the bullshit/storytelling aspects of it than I did the stand-up aspect. Then I watched the first third of GHOULIES 3: GHOULIES GO TO COLLEGE. It’s pretty much what could be expected. In that it was pretty fucking dumb, but then at least some boobs showed up. Then I went to bed. Work today was fine. Apparently the threat level was raised, so for some reason that meant I had to park somewhere else. It apparently also meant the museum had no a/c. Just waiting to hang out with Jason at the moment, watching some ROCKFORD FILES in the interim.

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