102. Martian Manhunter

Here’s another unused and abused DC character. Although, one could argue that for every DC character.

So, that thing is still affecting my life, though I may have turned a corner in at the very least understanding and accepting what is happening. Sadness and hurt still pretty much fill my day, my mind and my heart, and it will for a while. But, I got this. I’ve danced this dance before, not my first time at the ol’ heartbreak rodeo, nosirree bob. This is one hurts a little more in a whole new unique kinda way, but the steps are the same and I’ll get through it. I’m just hoping I can get through this as better person and a better artist than the last couple times which pretty much just left me broken.

That said, ridiculousness and movies generally get me through most hard times, and it’s great when they can combine. Unfortunately the last few I’ve watched have been kind of a whiff. I tried watching the movie Beer, about three hapless dudes (including David Alan Grier) who become spokesmen for a flailing brewery, hired by Hotlips Hoolihan. Got about halfway through before giving up on the unbearable unfunny. Went back to some good ol’ reliable ROCKFORD FILES. I’m stretching these out, don’t want it to end. Then I made an attempt at watching Bad Grampa. I got about 30 minutes in before giving that up. I hate every single one of my friends who recommended it. I hate you. Know this. Finally, I watched A Liar’s Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman. It’s a stylishly animated film based on a fanciful autobiography of Monty Python’s late Graham Chapman. It was good, at times funny, at times moving. The animation was varied and in some chapters, jaw-droppingly beautiful. Worth a watch if you’ve ever had any love for Python.

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