249. Second Doctor

More from the archives. I’ve never been able to get into the pre-reboot Who stuff. My first Doctor was technically Eight, but it was well into Eleven’s time that I first started watching the 2005 series. I tried to go back and watch some of the classic stuff. I watched the Three Doctors (1,2 & 3), some of Three, some of Four, very minimal of One. Just have a hard time getting into it. The pacing is molasses on those old shows. But man, the early Doctors sure are unique looking men, and a blast to draw.

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    • Jim Purcell (The Adventurer) on October 7, 2015 at 10:16 pm

    Ah Troughton, my FAVORITE Doctor.
    My first Doctor was the now unofficial Richard E. Grant 9th Doctor that appeared in the online only Scream of the Shalka. My first offical Doctor was Tom Baker in The Robots of Death. I didn’t really care for it, and it sort of killed my Doctor Who interest until Series 2 of the relaunch. I came a fan of Tennant’s 10th Doctor, then went back and because a bigger fan of Eccleston’s 9th.
    After that I took the time to go back and really see what the early stuff had to offer. My first being Troughton’s Tomb of the Cybermen. Which kinda sealed me as a 2nd Doctor fan until the end of time.
    Personally I’m a biggest fan of the black and white Doctor Who, then the color 70s and 80s material. For some reason bucking all trends I can’t stand Tom Baker (except for maybe Genesis of the Daleks). I completely understand how that material can be a bit of a hard sell, for people used to more polished modern TV. But damn if it doesn’t have its own charm.
    Personal Classic Who recommendations:
    The Dalek Invasion of Earth (1st)
    The Time Meddler (1s)
    Tomb of the Cybermen (2nd)
    The Invasion (2nd)
    The War Games (2nd)
    The Time Warrior (3rd)

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