Horror Movie A Day: The Book

It’s been available as pixels and now it’s available as pulped wood and elf’s blood (which is from what ink is made)! It’s Horror Movie a Day: The Book!
I’ve been an avid reader/fan of the HMAD blog for years, and via the magic of the internet, it turns out my online pal JB Sapienza (the cover artist of this very book) is real-life pals with HMAD author Brian Collins. And via that connection, I got to draw two chapter header illustrations. I’m super proud and excited to have played a very small part in this awesome book that I would have bought no matter what.
HMAD:The Book is 366 reviews culled from thousands from the original blog with new insights by B.C. It’s fun and informative and funny, plus awesome art by a bunch of talented folk.
>Go buy it here! Available as an eBook and a giant paper monstrosity.

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    • jason on April 15, 2016 at 9:07 am

    THAT’S why I like printed matter so much… cause elves had to die! Awesome artwork!!

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