416. Eddie

Can I play with madness? I can. This is a drawing three years in the making. Sorta. About three years ago, I made a loose pencil sketch of this and wanted to make it into a tighter drawing, maybe a print. Finally got around to drawing it. Maybe in another three years, I’ll color it.
In the meantime, this is for sale! Contact me if you’re interested.
Update: More clever text description I wish I’d thought of earlier:
Eddie’s a real Trooper for working such a crappy job with low pay. Speaking of, this piece is FOR SALE! I Wasted Years drawing this, so don’t Run to the Hills, just contact me if you’re interested! The price will certainly be less than The Number of the Beast.

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    • jason on March 23, 2016 at 11:14 am

    Superb! I think I saw this guy when I went through a drive thru window last night at 11:58 (or…you know… 2 Minutes To Midnight).

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