770. Laura

I saw a lot of movies this past week, at the theater, surprisingly. I had bad experiences, I’m not sure why I continue to go to movies.

One of those movies was LOGAN. It was very good. Hugh Jackman has always been a good Wolverine, but I feel like this is the 1st time he really gets a chance to perform as an actor in the role. Kinda the same with Patrick Stewart as Prof. X. In all the other X-movies, they just kinda do the thing they need to do and it’s great because they’re great, but there’s not much that they CAN do because it’s all in service of SUPERHERO PLOT. THE WOLVERINE came pretty close for Jackman, but this knocked it out of the park. Very intense, very emotional, and a great modern/sci-fi Western to boot. Plus, now with Laura/X-23, we finally have a height-accurate Wolverine in the X-Men movies!

I also saw GET OUT which may be the most tense horror film I’ve seen since HIGH TENSION. It’s not scary, it’s not gory, it’s just tense. AND, it has a twist that doesn’t completely ruin the movie like the aforementioned HIGH TENSION. But seriously, it’s great.

And finally, I saw JOHN WICK CHAPTER 2. I saw the 1st one expecting to hate it and I loved it. I went into this one hoping to just “like it”. And I did. It’s good. The thing about the 1st one is that it’s an amazing action movie with enough emotional substance to make you care, and then when it starts revealing the details of the world John Wick lives in, it’s just neat, unique dressing to a solid movie. JWC2 takes those elements and makes it the things that drive the plot, and – to me – that’s the worst thing you could do. I could give a crap about the details of this weird assassins guild stuff, and that is pretty much what the entire movie hinges on. It’s a perfectly good movie with great action, sequences and set pieces, but man, do I not care about markers and debts and contracts.

I’m still here.

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