952. Pennywise

Yesterday I got a chance to see the new adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. I don’t remember much of the 90s TV miniseries, other than Harry Anderson of Night Court fame played the adult version of Richie. I also don’t remember much about the book. I don’t consider it the best King book I’ve read, but it’s definitely the only book that ever actually scared me.

So, the new movie is the “past” section of the story, and, while it has some lulls, weak acting, and logic issues, it is very creepy and intense. Most of the kids are great, but Bill Skarsgard is absolutely incredible as the new Pennywise – when he isn’t just a weird CG thing, that is. But when he’s just being a menacing clown… oh fuck. Seriously, his very 1st scene alone is worth seeing the movie.

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