1217. Superman

So, there is a theme for June, of sorts. When I started doing the sketchaday, I laid down some rules. I’ve bent those often, and they’re very basic. Rule #1 is each sketch needs to take me at least 10 minutes to draw, #2 is at least one color piece a week, and #3 is to draw every day.

Rule #1 is gets blown away all the damn time as it takes me hours or sometimes days to do some of these things. So, all of June (maybe longer), I’m going to strictly enforce this (modified) rule. Every drawing I’ll post this month I will only spend 15 minutes working. That’s it. Timer set, draw. Whatever I’m left with at the end of the 15 minutes is what gets posted.

This way, I can hopefully go back to finishing my comic and working on a commission I recently took on, and maybe some other things.

And since I can currently without a working computer or scanner, they will most likely all be digital.

So, 15 minute sketch Day 1.

I’m still here.

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