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Phantom Limb

Sgt. Hatred

Conjectural Technologies

The Order of the Triad

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch



587. Doctor Henry Killinger

Dr. Killinger might be my favorite sparingly used recurring character in The Venture Bros.

586. Doctor Orpheus

I’ve been rewatching THE VENTURE BROS. I forgot how shaky the show starts out. I had to keep reassuring the lady that it gets better. I was also kinda reassuring myself. We’re on season 3 now, and it’s paying off. Definitely loves some Dr. Orpheus.

277 – Rusty Venture

I’ve been watching Season 4 of The Venture Bros.. Goddammit I love that show. I love that show more than I’ve ever loved my any of ex-girlfriends. I love it more than I’ll ever love any future girlfriends. If I could start a religion about The Venture Bros., I would.