Free Comic Book Day – My Name is Jonah

Next Saturday, May 7th, is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, which if you’re reading this blog, you know the deal. You can go to any local comic book store and get a selection of comics for absolutely no money down. Usually these are one-shots or samplers for an ongoing series or mini-series.

But once you’re done at the shops, you can go online and download the official MY NAME IS JONAH comic book, which features a three page story written and drawn by yours truly, in addition to 27 other pages of original story and art by other fine and talented folks. The cover here is drawn by Daniel Th1rt3en, colored by Jake Bills, with the layout by JB Sapienza.

MY NAME IS JONAH is the forthcoming documentary about the real life Warrior, Jonah Washnis. You can download the comic at the MY NAME IS JONAH Official Movie Site on Saturday May 7th, 2011. Until then, you can look through all the great fan art and watch the trailer for the film.

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  1. Outstanding job on the Free Comic Book, Eric! Probably My Fave of the Batch & they were “ALL” Awesome! Loved the Concept of My having the “Predator” type of Alphabet in the Thought & Word Balloons above “MY” character, as well as the Warrior against Impossible odds Theme in Day 7 of the Alien Invasion of New York! Right on, Dude!!!

  2. Holy crap, The Man himself! Awesome! I’m glad you enjoyed the story, it was fun to do!

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