097 – Vampira

Friday night, my friend and I watched the documentary American Scary, a showcase of the history of and the icons of Horror Hosts. I’ve always been fond of the latenight Horror Host since I was a little kid. Here in Dayton, our big host was Dr. Creep, who sadly passed away back in January. My pal Matt Brassfield has me tangentially in the Horror Host inner circle, occasionally helping him out in his work with the Horror Host community, and getting a chance to play a small role in his own show, Baron Von Porkchop’s Terrifying Tales of the Macabre.

I drew Vampira here because a) she’s a unique looking person and b) she’s the mother of all Horror Hosts & Hostesses, and today is Mother’s Day. I’m stretching. Also, the Misfits song.

I don’t think I did justice to how inhuman her waist size really was.

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  1. Love it man very nice work!!!

    • Bruce on May 9, 2011 at 7:48 am

    Those are some mightly fine cheekbones!

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