096 – That’s So Raven

Over at Ok, PANIC! our topic was Sidekicks. There are so many good sidekicks out there, one might say the world runs on them. I couldn’t decided on just one, so I decided to tackle the original Teen Titans and recreate an old Wonder Woman cover with the Titans in place of the Justice League. It was a ton of fun, go check that shit out, as well the other great pieces by Jeff, Jason and Kurt. I kind of felt that the artists’ interest in Ok, PANIC! was dwindling, but I think the addition of Kurt into the group has brought a new life and fun into it again, and made everyone step up their game.

So anyhoo, I decided to tackle some non-sidekick Teen Titans for the ol’ blog here. By some, I mean two. Here’s the first, Raven. Never a character I enjoyed, but simple and cool looking.

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    • Joe G. on May 8, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    Raven always annoyed me. I think I was just more interested in Robin and Kid Flash, so whenever there was a Raven storyline I got bored.

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