Batman: Fruit Pies



A parody of the old Hostess superhero ads. I miss this element in comics. Occasionally you see ads featuring superheroes, but

A) they’re usually pandering, patronizing PSAs like “Jimmy, you shouldn’t smoke!” “Drugs are whack, yo!” or “Stop fisting your sister!”

2) they’re always poorly drawn and written. Sure the hostess ads ain’t high art, but they’re so fucking insane, that they’re amazing. And usually drawn by what appeared to be staff artists, who, y’know, had talent and skill. Nowadays, the “Wolverine in ‘Mommy Cries When You Masturbate'” PSA would be drawn by some retarded, handless midget found routing through Marvel’s dumpster and loved Dan Fraga circa 1992. Or, y’know, someone like me.

Gutter Trash Episode 33: Apocalypse Now is available when? Now.

Next week: Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score.

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