Creator Owned Day: Range

Range, as in “Home on the…” or “Open…”.

It’s “Creator Owned Day”. Create a concept or character, post it on your blog, link to it via Twitter, hash-tag it #CreatorOwnedDay. Check out the story behind it.

In my previous post, I presented an idea from a friend of mine. I drew it to try to get my own ideas flowing. I was not having any luck. I was trying too hard. Then I remembered that I’d kept sketching this masked cowgirl at work on post-its for a few days. Then it finally came together.

“Range” is the story of an unhinged woman who – for reasons not thought of yet – decides to become a vigilante in the urban metropolis in which she lives. She dresses like a modern-day Lone Ranger and begins to mete out justice. She eventually meets a fellow lost soul in the form of an enthusiastic sociopath who gloms onto her and becomes her dapper and violent sidekick.

Needs some more time to cook, but I’m glad I pulled it out.

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    • jason on March 1, 2012 at 4:51 pm

    I like that her sidekick has the Lone Ranger mask on… that’s a nice touch. Sweet design… can’t wait to read their first adventure (I’ll read any comic with an enthusiastic sociopath who can be described as dapper).

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