Happy New Year

Good morning 2022, as we continue to creep stupidly to the end of all humanity.

As I mentioned yesterday, the IP-based sketches will be taking a back seat to me trying to flex some more creative muscles (I hope). This is one step toward that. I’ve done this a couple times before where I have someone scribble randomly and then I try to make it something. This one was provided by my lady-friend Steph, and you can see her scribble below.

Another thing taking a backseat for me this upcoming year: social media.

I’m tired. As a human connection/outlet – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook… they’ve never held a candle to the message boards of old. It’s all a bit like screaming into a soundless void in the world’s most packed room.

As promotional tools… man, they suck. If you have no following, you’re just fucked. It’s like ramming your head into a brick wall repeatedly and hoping someday someone will notice and stop you. Admittedly I have made a couple extra bucks here and there via the whatevers, but it’s just not worth the hassle of these apps and sites that are just inherently designed to make you miserable.

I’m tired of trying to figure out the correct time to post something in order to get 14 likes instead of 4, and hoping in either scenario my actual real-life friends or people I have relationships with get lucky enough to see it. It’s exhausting that it becomes half of the reason I do any of this.

So, I’m kinda done. I’ll leave my Twitter & Instagram accounts up, but will be really curbing my posting. If you see me there it’s because I got bored.

I will continue to make and post artwork and podcasts. The art you can find here as always, and on my Patreon page, which is essentially just 4 of my friends paying me to draw, and that’s absolutely perfect. The podcast is View Masters and you can subscribe at most places you find podcasts.

I still have my store and my Tee-Public shop, and I’ll try to remember to add stuff occasionally.

I also have a YouTube channel that I occasionally remember exists and I’ll throw up a process video once in a while.

So, I’ll be around. But just like the me in real life, you gotta come looking for me. The internet was a mistake and I’m so very tired.

I’m still here.
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