19. Green Arrow

Happy Father’s Day, here’s the best son of the worst father in the DC Universe.

I have mentioned before that I like the Connor Hawke Green Arrow exactly as much as I like Ollie Queen. The other major Legacy characters in DC Comics (Flash & Green Lantern), I definitely prefer the “replacements” over the originals (Kyle over Hal, Wally over Barry. Fuck Barry). But with GA, I love both Connor and Ollie. I have also mentioned before that Connor’s costume has too much goddamn brown in it for him to be Green Arrow. So when I draw him, I change it. All that said, Connor is coming out as asexual in the 2022 DC Pride special that’s being released sometime soon (I would assume in June?). It’s a choice that absolutely fits the character, and no matter what, I hope it also means we see more Connor popping up in comics. It’s a character that I am always excited to see, and he was gone for far too long. No thank you, Nu52.

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