I wound up really liking this costume as I drew it. Who knew?!

Tim Drake is the best Robin. Sorry, Dick. As much as I love Dick, Tim just rules. He was introduced when I got super hardcore into Batman. Sadly, I don’t think he was ever utilized greatly as Batman’s partner, but when he was, he was the best. Also as a solo hero, a Young Justicer, and a Teen Titan, he was the tops, baby. I don’t think Robin as a concept or a whole has been well-utilized since the late 80s. It’s like writers are too ashamed to use him or have Batman play off him – or, for godsake, lighten Batman. When a Robin is around, Batman acts more like a stern general and Robins are his little soldiers. Frank Miller has A LOT to answer for.

But, I hate a dark broody psycho Batman. Well-adjusted Batmen FTW.

Ever since Tim came out as bi, I have read a lot of people wanting to see him hook up with Jon Kent Superman. To that I say: no thank you. It’s already bad enough that they ruined the Damian/Jon dynamic by aging Jon up. What I would like to see, and think it would be interesting, if Jon & Tim just couldn’t stand each other. Not enemies, not rivals. Just… they just rub each other the wrong way. We all have encountered people like that. There’s nothing inherently bad about a person, but for whatever inexplicable reason, you just don’t like them. Meanwhile, Bruce and Clark are best friends and nothing will ever change that. Fuck off, Snack Zyderbros.

I’m ranty. And nonsensical. I need a sandwich.

I’m still here.
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