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I wound up really liking this costume as I drew it. Who knew?! Tim Drake is the best Robin. Sorry, Dick. As much as I love Dick, Tim just rules. He was introduced when I got super hardcore into Batman. Sadly, I don’t think he was ever utilized greatly as Batman’s partner, but when he …

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16. Robin

Tim Drake, best Robin. Canonically bi in a recent-ish story. Refuse to draw him in any other version of his costume. Best Robin.

1457. Robin

It’s Jorell Rivera Week! Jorell is a longtime online friend and he is one of my Patreon supporters as well. You should all join him in supporting my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/shonborn. You should also support the awesome comic that Jorell draws called Go Robo Now. https://facebook.com/GoRoboNow/ I asked Jorell if he wanted a theme week, …

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1125. Red Robin

It’s a slow transition back from Batruary.

759. Two-Face

The place where I volunteer – We Care Arts – is having a charity auction in a few weeks. My friend Jessie – one of the teachers – asked if I’d contribute something for it. So here it is, all 22 x 17 inches of Batfamily and Batvillain glory. Easily, this is the biggest drawing …

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100. Robin

Day 100 of Sketch-a-Day 3.0. Wish this was more of a happy occasion. Drew this digitally. Despite the reddish hair, this is the Tim Drake Robin – the best Robin, and sadly now, the forgotten, abused Robin. Much like many of my favorite DC characters.