Spookytober: The Curse of Frankenstein

So, I’m not doing a daily October sketch challenge or anything like that. I’ve paid my dues. I’m good. I’m also terrible with prompts. But, I will be doing a couple of extra Spookytober drawings!

These will be 4″x6″ black and white ink illustrations that I will be adding for sale on my online shop for 20 dollars each. I’ve done a couple already, and not sure how many more I will get around to. If you see these floating around on social media and want one, lemme know, or just go to my store!

Starting off with Christopher Lee’s stunning turn as Frankenstein’s Monster in the debut (?) Hammer Horror Frankenstein film. Lee was best known for his Dracula portrayal, but I remember being a kid and seeing a picture of his monster in a book. I was shook, as the kids say. The Karloff monster is of course the “default”, and seeing such a striking design was world-shattering to me. I never got a chance to the see the movie until recently. I had seen some of the other Hammer Frankensteins before, but had not seen this one, or Lee’s take.

I’m still here.
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