Patreon Reward: Emil Antonowsky

I don’t think any movie is “perfect”, but RoboCop is damn close.

Drawing this got me thinking about actor Paul McCrane, who plays Emil in RoboCop, and of course, gets drenched in toxic waste and then gets exploded into nothing via hit and run. It’s one of the most memorable moments of the film, and imprinted on me hard. But poor Paul McCrane.

A few weeks ago, I watched the 80s remake of The Blob. Forgot he was in that. He gets folded in half and then sucked through a door by The Blob.

Then, decades later, he’s on ER playing a doctor. Pretty innocuous. It’s a show in which I have seen a total of two episodes. In one of those episode, he gets his arm chopped off by a helicopter. In the only other episode I ever watched, he gets hit by a falling helicopter. AND IS NEVER FOUND. Emergency response helicopters HATED THAT DUDE.

He might as well be the American Sean Bean.

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