171. The Watcher

Oh, Uatu the Watcher. Vowed never to interfere, except for all those times he interfered, which was all of of the times.

Friday night, I watched Sharknado. You generally think you know what you’re getting yourself into when you watch a SyFy original movie called “Sharknado” done by the Asylum production team. But sometimes, it’s worse than you expected. Sharknado, ladies and gentleman. Worse than you could have expected.

Last night, a group of us had a party celebrating Jason Young‘s retirement from working at the comic shop he’s been employed at for 22 years. A good time was had by most. When I say “party” I mean a subdued and quiet affair with italian food, fancy soda, nerd cookies, and a card game. Jason starts his new career in a few days and I am super proud of him and wish him the best of luck.