378. Green Lantern

I didn’t have time to ink this at all. Sorry. I’ve said it before, John Stewart is my 3rd favorite Lantern, behind Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner respectively. Hal Jordan, you’re damn near the bottom.
It’s not been a great day. My best friend of the past 13 years – a woman I loved with all of my heart and soul, who means the world to me, supported me, encouraged me, loved me; I had to make the incredibly hard decision to cut her out of my life. I didn’t want to. I needed to. It tears me up inside that I needed to do this, but ultimately she will be happier and better off without me, and her happiness matters the most to me, more than anything else. And while it will take a very long time to heal from this hurt, I know that eventually, ultimately I will be happier too. But right now it’s fucking killing me and it is absolutely the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.
So. Yeah.

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