I cannot come up with a name for these folks. At all. But this another pastiche. This one suggested by Joe Grunenwald.

Terrence and Rebecca Hayworth – siblings – were driving to visit their mother. They do not get along and could not be more different. Terry is laid back, friendly, and a “live and let live” kinda guy. Becca is aggressive, politically active, serving a stint overseas. On they way to their childhood home, tensions rising, their car swerves off the road – saved from death by two alien entities. The aliens, curious and prank oriented, grant the siblings great powers in opposition to their personalities. Terry gains incredible strength and speed and the ability to force a blast of energy around him for a great distance. Becca can transform herself into a sentient mist, and has great speed and invisibility. Separate, their powers dwindle to nothing. Becca wants to use their abilities to save the world, dragging Terry into a new mindset of responsibilty, as each learn to trust and work with the other to reach their full potentials.