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I cannot come up with a name for these folks. At all. But this another pastiche. This one suggested by Joe Grunenwald. Terrence and Rebecca Hayworth – siblings – were driving to visit their mother. They do not get along and could not be more different. Terry is laid back, friendly, and a “live and …

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565. Omega Woman

Another pastiche. Megan O’Malley was a physicist whose team accidentally opened a wormhole. She got sucked through and wound up sometime in the 43rd century. This distopian world was divided and run by either governments or corporations. A government body found the disoriented Megan and realized she was an anomaly of some sort. With no …

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564. Steel Demon

An explanation first: I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. I wanted to create a pastiche of a character – much like Kurt Busiek’s Samaritan is to Superman, Midnighter to Batman, etc. I sent a text to my friend Kathleen for a suggestion to start my base idea on. Her response was “Spider-Man, …

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