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064 – Frank

Jason Young Fortnight, Day 4. It’s also Easter sunday. Jason didn’t request the easter bunny, but he did request Jim Woodring’s FRANK, who, I guess, could kinda be easter bunny-ish. If you squint really hard. And are on the drugs. I’ve only read one of Jim Woodring’s books and kinda hated it, but I can’t deny the man is an amazing artist. I’mma go google his giant fountain pen and see how that worked… hold on…
Apparently he made it, and it works.
Happy Easter!

One reply on “064 – Frank”

Frank should certainly replace the bunny as Easter’s mascot! Every plastic egg he hides in the wooded areas around the world would not only contain candy but also the occasional key to another dimension (shaped like some creature found scuttling along the seafloor, of course).

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