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206. Golobulus

This was my second attempt at drawing this guy, by request of Jason Young (who has requested all the G.I. Joe characters I’ve been drawing). I wasn’t feeling the first attempt, so I scrapped it and popped in G.I. Joe: The Movie. Holds up. Though Duke’s non-death is kinda hilarious still.

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I watched GI Joe the movie for the first time a few weeks ago on a whim. Not quite as good as Transformers the Movie*, but close. If Duke had actually died it would have been better.
* even though it effectively serves the same purpose by introducing a shit ton of new Joes to the mix. Only instead of eliminating the old ones to make room, they just kind of over crowd up the movie.

I’m assuming you know the story behind Duke’s non-death, but will say it anyway for anyone who might stumble by. Duke is dead. Everything about him being in a coma or waking up is said by an off-screen character. The reason is actually due to Transformers: The Movie, and Optimus Prime’s death. Apparently the youth of the 80s lost their collective shit when Prime dies, and allegedly some kids even locked themselves in their room, suffering from mental trauma. So, Hasbro panicked, and decided to save Duke last minute.
All that said, I should watch that soon, it’s been quite a while, but I know I actually prefer G.I. Joe over Transformers.

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