467. Kitty Pryde

This was for a girl who patiently waited and watched me draw a ton of sketches before this. And it’s the one sketch of which I’d like a do-over. I seriously feel bad about this one. It’s definitely the worst sketch I did during FCBD, and that’s including the two Halo characters. But at least, y’know, I actually LIKE Kitty Pryde. But then again, I’m old, and my default Kitty Pryde is either perky teen Original X-Men costume version, or her blue puffy sleeved Shadowcat costume. I should have drawn that one. So, to the girl who asked for this, if you’re reading, I am gonna draw Kitty as Shadowcat soon. Get in contact with me and I will give you that one. ‘Cause seriously, I feel bad. This drawing is terrible.