1443. Scanlan Shorthalt

It’s Bruce O. Hughes Week. If there’s any person I know who has long deserved to have a week of sketches dedicated to them, it’s Bruce. He is my oldest friend. We went to art school, and hated each other. Somehow, that turned to friendship, and for a long while, creative partnership. We had a falling out and reconciled some time ago. Even when we were not talking, there was always a spark of him in my brain, berating me or insulting me.

So. This guy. Sparkler Sharpwheel. Apparently there’s a thing called Critical Role? I had literally never heard of it until Bruce asked for Scotsdale Spurningburger for one of his requests. And then, of course, I discover that he’s really not even a thing, and the only references I could find were other fan art pieces of him. So. Here it is. Slowclap Schorenberg.

(That last one is – 100% serious – often how my last name gets butchered).

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