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332. Clawful

330. Merman

Might be the start of some MOTU sketches…

147. He-Man

Had an urge to draw some Masters of the Universe stuff lately. Y’know, between the sadness.

Ok, PANIC!: Final Panic

Ok, PANIC! went on for two more years or so without my involvement. The curator decided to end it for whatever reasons and asked all the former contributors to do one final piece, Artist’s choice. I think I was drawing this Skeletor on my phone anyway. This was just when I had gotten my fancy …

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492. He-Man

By request, but not in this particular form. I don’t know why I chose to do it this way. Thursday, I went to see Amazing Spider-Man 2. This morning, I watched the new X-Men movie. I will talk about them on the next Stupid Sexy Podcast – if there is one. Tonight, though I watched …

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Ok, PANIC!: Masters of the Universe


292 – Fisto

Over at Ok, PANIC!, our topic this week was Masters of the Universe. I had an incredibly tough time coming up with something to draw, because I wanted to draw ALL of it. I still do. The Fisto drawing that is up at PANIC! is like my 5th attempt at drawing something for the topic. …

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A stretch…

10/16 Kinda pushin’ it with this one. He COULD be scary. He just isn’t. Gotta do some catch-up drawing tonight. Thank god I finally have money so I can eat dinner on my own.