223 – Adam Warlock

I think I read maybe three issues of Warlock’s 90s series, after he had taken possession of the Infinity Gauntlet. My only real memories are of Warlock passing the Infinity Gems out to various characters, one of whom stuck the gem on his dick. The other memory I have is of buying the first issue at the convenience store just a block away from my parent’s house. At the time, this was the closest thing I had to a comic book store that didn’t involve making my dad drive somewhere he didn’t want to go. The register monkey who sold it to me freaked out that it was Number One issue, and went on and on how he couldn’t believe that there was something that was gonna be super valuable for sale at this store, and how he was gonna buy the other copies of it because of their value.

Cover price for Warlock and The Infinity Watch: $1.75.

Near mint price at mycomicshop.com: $1.10

Autographed copy: $3.30

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  1. That website is depressing. I think I own two comics they’d pay more than the cover price for…..

    • jason on September 12, 2011 at 12:36 am

    I know we’ve sold those for a quarter at Mavericks. And no bullshit that’s the best I’ve ever seen Adam Warlock look… I believe b+w may be what he always needed. Excelsior!

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