243. Spartan

Hey hey hey! It’s Rocktober! And it’s time to start my theme month! All through this month (all 31 days) I will presenting redesigned superhero and supervillain characters. Because it’s Halloween, and dress-up and stuff.

I’ve got a lot of good suggestions and some idears of my own, but I am always down to accept more. If there’s a superhero or supervillain you’d like to see redesigned by me, let me know in the comments, or on muh Facebook or the Twitters.

I’m starting out the theme month with a theme week: WildC.A.Ts (Covert Action Teams). I’ve even given a tweak to their backgrounds/origins/whatever.

Jacob Marlowe is a Tony Stark-like engineer/industrialist/scientific genius, etc. etc. He and his research team at his corporation have discovered a breach into three alternate dimensions – one of primative monstrous mutant creatures, one of highly intelligent alien life, and the other of magic. Having breached these dimensions, he realizes that he also has brought great harm to our world and assembles a team to help protect it.

Spartan is puppet. It’s a robotic marionette that Marlowe controls. It allows him to lead his team in the field of battle. Every thought and action of Spartan is Marlowe, safely back at the home base.

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    • Joe G. on October 2, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    Do the members of the team know that Spartan is a puppet?

  1. Joe, yes.

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