246. Voodoo

Priscilla Kitaen (ugh) is a voodoo queen. When Marlowe & co. discovered that one of the other-worlds is steeped in magic, they searched for an expert.

I didn’t want this version of Voodoo to be an empty stripper, nor did I want her to be dressed like one. Being the “sexy” member of the team though, I still decided to give her the most skin-baring outfit of the group (outside of Maul). I also made her a black woman, because I’m 99% sure she was supposed to be, but was never drawn in that manner. Her costume is very loosely based on actual clothing worn by voodoo queens and priestesses.

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    • Joe G. on October 4, 2013 at 10:27 am

    She looks sort of like Baron Zemo. I dig it.

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