400. The Inhumans

400 days in a row! Needed something “big” to post. If you follow me on social media – why? Also, you’ve already seen this. So I’m kind of “cheating”. I don’t care.
I think at least twice over the past year I had made mention of wanting to do a full Inhumans piece. It’s weird that this piece came about the way it did. I can’t go into details, but I was “commissioned” to do this, but in a different way. In reality this is version 2 of this drawing.
Because of my crazy, I’m probably going to go back and tweak this some more, starting with the original art. And eventually, probably sell the original art and maybe prints?

I’m still here.
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    • jason on March 8, 2014 at 7:04 pm

    Now that’s how you celebrate your 400th! Looks awesome!

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