451. Black Panther


Free Comic Book Day is coming on Saturday May 7th, and to celebrate, I will be making a rare public appearance at MAVERICKS CARDS AND COMICS (from 10am to 2pm)! That’s right, as we all know, little-known local artists appearing at their local comic shop is what gets people in the door on Free Comic Book Day. I’ll be the guy at the table not talking to or making eye contact with anyone.


I will be giving away FREE SKETCHES. Cuz, y’know, the theme of the day is FREE. Unfortunately, it takes a little while to draw a thing, so I will be giving out some pre-drawn sketches, which I will be featuring on the blog over the next two weeks. That way, if you want a sketch, but don’t have the time to stick around and wait for me to draw something, you can pick one of these! First come, first serve, one per customer and all that. If I don’t have your favorite character, I will still draw anything custom at the store if you’re willing to wait! And again, FREE. These are 6×9 on bristol board.

And hey! If you already know you want a sketch and will be going to Mavericks, you can ask for one now and I’ll make it for you beforehand!

Gosh, I’m so giving.

So anyway, also that weekend it seems a little-known movie is coming out. I urge you all to see it. It’s called Captain America: Civil War, and to help promote it, as little as I can, some of the sketches I’ll be giving away will feature some characters from that movie. It’s the least I can do to help get the word out. First up here is a character I’m personally excited to see in action: Black Panther!

Come on down to MAVERICKS CARDS AND COMICS from 10am to 2pm on Saturday May 7th to get this sketch! It’s Free Comic Book Day! How can you not?

I’m still here.
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