I traditionally post something here on my birthday each year. The first year was an emotionally heartfelt couple of paragraphs and some art. Last year was a fun breakdown of my cartooning process.

This year has no art whatsoever. If you haven’t heard yet, Adam Hughes ruined my life and I’ve stopped drawing for my own fulfillment. For the time being, anyway. Also this year my depression has been spiraling deeper and deeper out of control. I am getting worse, mentally, physically, psychologically, socially and as a human being in general. This is not a cry for help. This is not a pity party. There is no party at all.

I just got back from a sneak preview of the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Movies like this always make me feel terrible when I get home, which probably explains the previous paragraph. By no means was the movie terrible. The movie is in fact one of the most amazing times I’ve ever had watching a film. I’ll properly review it in a second. But the reason I feel terrible afterwards is because movies like this – movies about dipshit, selfish misfits who find love and strengthen true friendships – make me realize what I no longer have in my life and make me realize that there is no way I’ll ever get back to that place again. Or get better again. I’m too far away now.

I don’t like my reflection.

That said, Scott Pilgrim was a fantastic movie and I recommend this to anyone. Michael Cera is truly at his least Michael Cera-y, yet still retaining all the Michael Cera-ness that made people love him on Arrested Development. Edgar Wright proves that he can do a film without Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and still be amazing. Bear in mind, I have not read a single panel of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels and dislike most everything hipsterish and indie rock. Scott Pilgrim the movie should not appeal to me in any way whatsoever outside of my love of Edgar Wright, and not only was I sold, I pretty much ignored the ******** redneck fuckcunts who sat behind me and talked the entire time.

It was that great.