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Ok, PANIC!: McDonaldland

Just thought it’d be funny to pair up Ronald with Pogo the Clown, aka John Wayne Gacy.

Ok, PANIC!: Spy vs. Spy

I just didn’t want to draw them in the style of their creator.

Ok, PANIC!: Mythical Creatures

I found many of the topics to be weird or vague. I just wanted to draw Eric Powell’s Chimichanga.


Casey Jones. This was the first topic in which I really became disillusioned with this Ok, PANIC! thing and almost quit. The curator actually assigned specific characters to us. I said “fuck that”. I always already super-depressed and going through a bad creative block. I didn’t need that extra crap. For some reason, I contributed …

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Ok, PANIC!: Godzilla Villains


Ok, PANIC!: 4th July

Celebrating America, Lockhorn’s style.

Ok, PANIC!: Thundercats

The best-left-to-nostalgia ’80s cartoon, The Thundercats.

Ok, PANIC!: Superman


Ok, PANIC!: Rock Posters

An actual concert I attended. I crowd-surfed for the first and only time in my life. I got dropped, my head inches from the railing that separated the crowd from security. The crowd lifted me back up to my feet, and security escorted me through the front back to the other side of the stage. …

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Ok, PANIC!: Monster Mash-Up

The topic was a mash-up between cartoon characters and horror, and so Garfulu was born.