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Ok, PANIC!: Golden Age Heroes

I love the Justice Society, and I wanted to play around with their costume designs, particularly Green Lantern. His original costume is so… anti-Green Lantern.

Ok, PANIC!: Star Wars

Back when I did not give a whit about a Star War.

Ok, PANIC!: Winter

What’s more wintery than Captain Cold vs. Iceman? One of my first times experimenting with color holds?

Ok, PANIC!: The Room

Fake Criterion DVD cover for one of the worst movies ever made. Proud of this one. Nice to flex design muscles.

Ok, PANIC!: Underground Comics

The most underground comics I could think of were Kurt Dinse’s One Year in Indiana and Jason Young’s Veggie Dog Saturn.

Ok, PANIC!: Addams Family

I still feel like Fester is one of the best things I’ve ever drawn

Ok, PANIC!: Portrait of the Artist

Henry Rollins. I dunno why. I like him.

Ok, PANIC!: Universal Monsters

I have a real weird history with this drawing. The actual sketch/line-art took me maaaaaybe 5 minutes to draw. I was at a low point artistically, I had this dumb idea and just shat it out. The logo & colors took a bit longer, but, just a rush-job all the way through. Then my former …

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Ok, PANIC!: Dennis the Menace

Ok, PANIC!: Cheesecake

Sue Storm doing an invisible strip tease. Wish I could draw women better.