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074 – Hit Girl

Some people have no patience. I’ll add this one to the “Redo later” pile.

073 – Spy guy

072 – A room

071 – Wolverine

This is how he should look. Prove me wrong. Post-it in pen. Still playing catch-up.

070 – J. Jonah Jameson

No one quite rocks the Hitler ‘stache well after its fashionability like Spider-Man’s boss, J. Jonah Jameson. This was really fun to draw. I need more of my single character drawings to have some sort of narrative, even if it’s as simple as a pissed-off guy yelling at someone. Again, there’s also more brush-pen work …

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069 – The Tick

SPOON! Seriously. I love The Tick more than I love you. That’s not saying a lot, because I don’t much care for you. Guaranteed then that if I had to save The Tick, I’d throw you in front of an oncoming train. Yeah. You. Don’t think I’ll do it? Just fuckin’ watch. If I paid …

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Ok, PANIC!: Famous Robots

Maria from the classic silent German film Metropolis. I was really trying something with the coloring here. Not sure what, but something.

068 – Spawn

A former friend of mine from high school and current Facebook friend requested I draw Spawn vs. The Cape when I initially announced the sketch-a-day. Sorry, Bill, but I don’t know what The Cape is. So you get Spawn by himself instead. Also doubly sorry that I kinda cranked this out just to get it …

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067 – Spider-Man

Really busy. Spider-Man on a post-it.

066 – Adam West Batman

Really tight on time this week, so here’s a post-it sketch I did of Adam West as Batman. Also included is another drawing of Adam West as Batman that I did a few years ago. I think it’s a better piece, but didn’t want to blatantly use an old drawing for today’s entry. Ok, back …

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