212. Frankenstein

I watched The Omen – the original version. It was meh. Just too slow and not enough interesting anything to keep me engrossed.

So this doodle. When I was a kid – long before I was into comic books, I was into Cracked Magazine. I used to have quite a collection. Wish I still did. Lots of great art was in that book, like John Severin, Dan Clowes and Dick Briefer. Briefer’s humorous Frankenstein comics were featured in various issues and I remember them fondly. Decades later, I still remember them fondly. I know there are a couple of collections of his Frankenstein comics available, but I would love a complete book.

Oh well.

I’m still here.
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    • Jim Purcell on September 1, 2013 at 6:47 am

    Hello fellow childhood Cracked reader. I always preferred it over Mad.
    I actually still have all my issues, I pulled them out recently and was surprised at how few of them I actually acquired when I was a kid. At the time it felt like I had followed the series for years, but I really only followed it for like a year and half.

  1. Yeah, I never got into Mad, and I’m not sure why. And I’m sure that my collection was also fairly small. It seemed like forever but was probably only about a year or so. I’m also pretty sure my mom threw them all away while I was in school one day (she did that to my G.I. Joe comics and Garbage Pail Kids too). I’ve picked up a few random issues here and there from that time period, but none of the actual ones I remember.

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