Peter Milligan is one of my favorite writers*, Mike Allred is one of my all-time comic heroes, and together they created a run of X-Men related books that were so unique and so different and so “Fuck You, X-Men fans” that it will never be topped. Even Grant Morrison’s run on the X-Men couldn’t do it (comes really close, though). It’s also pretty much why me and maybe five other people actually liked and read the book, and all other X-Fans out there hated it so much. Well fuck ’em and their ways, and fuck the X-Men franchise until even a fraction of their former awesomeness is injected back into the line.

Here’s Doop. Along with the band ROCK SUGAR, he epitomizes awesomeness.

* There are two Peter Milligans. The first Peter Milligan – Awesome Peter Milligan – is the guy who wrote Shade the Changing Man, Enigma, Girl and X-Statix. That guy will always get a free pass with me. Unfortunately, that means that sometimes I have to deal with the other Peter Milligan – Awful Peter Milligan – who wrote crap like Greek Street, Toxin, Namor, X-Men, and JLA Classified.

This week on Gutter Trash: Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth.

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  1. I love Morrison’s X-Men run so much, and so many fans just had a blind frothing hate for it, it was insane. If they had actually taken the time to read it, they’d see he was simply doing the type of great stories Claremont was doing throughout the early to mid 80s, just in his own Morrisonian way. But X-Force/X-Statix edges it out just slightly. I think if Frank Quitely had managed to pull off a monthly schedule, there’d be no doubt as to the epic-ness of Morrison’s X-Men.

    • jason young on April 6, 2010 at 12:01 pm

    Very nice. Me loves Doop. I’ll have to check my translation guide but is he saying something about enjoying the zesty taste of a Ritz cracker?
    And I have to agree that I enjoyed the Milligan/Allred X-force (and X-statix) run more than any other x-book I’ve ever read.

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