May 2013 archive

100. Princess Projectra

I’m not doing too well with the female Legionnaires here. This one had all sorts of different issues, though. I’ve never really consciously drawn any female characters in an overtly sexual way (well, not too many times, anyway). But I thought it’d be fun to draw the Princess here in a “boobs & butt” post. …

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99. Karate Kid

I’m sure no one has ever made this joke, right? So in 1984, were Legion fans all over the world pissed or disappointed? And later, were younger fans who discovered the Legion disappointed? Mooovies: Iron Man Three. I liked it. A lot. Doctor Mordrid. So back in the 90s, Full Moon Studios had the rights …

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98. Invisible Kid

I coulda/shoulda cheated on this one and any other “invisible” related character. I went with this version of the character since there seems to be a drastic lack of minority and diverse characters in the Legion (outside of aliens and monsters). Also, I now have the Metallica song stuck in my head.

97. Timber Wolf

Timber Wolvertooth! **** Why is Bob’s Burgers second season only 9 episodes long? **** I had a Kirby epiphany. A Kirbiphany. I’m looking at modern day superhero costume designs, and it’s all extraneous lines and seams and designy dots and glowing suits and krackle. Then a New God or a Celestial shows up and it’s …

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96. Shrinking Violet

Oy, this drawing is fucking terrible.

95. Colossal Boy

I like that his basic color scheme is that of The Atom. He had some pretty bad costumes with some unnecessary details. I liked the one this is based on, but got rid of the flared boots, shoulders and gloves, which I am usually a fan of, but seem out of place on a guy …

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94. Chameleon Boy

Cham didn’t really have any great costumes that I saw, so I amalgamated a few of them. And Proty! I am a movie-watching fool. Eaten Alive. A very bad late 70s Tobe Hopper movie about a crazy hotel owner who kills people and feeds them to his giant pet alligator. Lockout. I finished watching it …

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93. Monstress

I remember liking her in LEGION LOST. I watched Drop Dead Fred. I had always wanted to see this movie when I was a kid, and it just never happened. Stumbled onto it on Netflix. It was okay. Phoebe Cates is lovely and Rik Mayall is always pretty great.

My Name is Jonah – Free Comic Book Day 2013

Listen, Saturday May 4th. 2013 is Free Comic Book Day. There’s also a brand new set of Magic: The Gathering that is released this weekend. Even if it were “Get Paid to Read Comic Books Day”, there is no way in hell you could catch me in a comic shop this weekend. The worst of …

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92. Bouncing Boy

One of my favorite characters in the cartoon series, so I went with an approximation of his look from that here.