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559. Dayton, Ohio

Last week, I saw these two people – individually – walking the streets of Dayton, Ohio. I can’t think of two finer representatives. Maybe milkshake swastika guy.

96. Shrinking Violet

Oy, this drawing is fucking terrible.

215 – Parallax

So I don’t like Hal Jordan as a Green Lantern, he’s a boring douchebag. Earlier in the summer, I made the observation, with the Thor & Green Lantern movies coming out, that they were the opposites of each other. Thor is an arrogant asshole from another world who has his powers taken away and is …

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205 – Piledriver

Part 2 of The Wrecking Crew: Piledriver. This may be the worst drawing I’ve ever done for this blog, especially for a request, but Holy Christ, Piledriver has to be the biggest turd of a villain ever created. I was so bored two seconds into even doing research on this dull asshole, I wanted to …

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