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Desperately, I would like to draw a good Wonder Woman piece. There’s something in my head that seems to prevent it from happening. I know what I want her to look like when I draw her, but it never translates. It’s tough, because I want to make her bulky, muscular and still feminine and gorgeous. …

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205 – Piledriver

Part 2 of The Wrecking Crew: Piledriver. This may be the worst drawing I’ve ever done for this blog, especially for a request, but Holy Christ, Piledriver has to be the biggest turd of a villain ever created. I was so bored two seconds into even doing research on this dull asshole, I wanted to …

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119 – Bad Guy

Unfinished sketch of a bad guy from a long abandonded project.

118 – Aquaman

Another of my long list of failures at life.