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Frankie Goes to Chicago

10/23 I won’t be posting art until Monday, but I promise to make up for it when I return. Heading off to Chicago for my first vacation since I was unemployed two and a half years ago. Wish it was longer, but I can’t afford to take anymore vacation time, what with winter and all. …

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10/22 I like boobies. I’m so alone. New episode of Gutter Trash is up.


10/21 It may not look like it, but yes it’s horror related. It’s a panel from a short story I’m working on, a horror/western. So, y’know, trust me. New episode of Gutter Trash will be available tomorrow sometime. Tried to watch Beyond Re-Animator, but a) it sucked, and b) the disc was cracked. Netflix!!!

Dr. Hill

10/20 Dr. Carl Hill’s bat-winged head, from Bride of Re-Animator.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

10/19 The Creature from the Black Lagoon is a movie I’ve never seen, but I’ve always dug the look of the creature. Especially when Art Adams draws him. I love Art Adams. A lot.

Come Get Some

10/18 Ash is the only icon of horror who isn’t a villain or monster. He’s just an average joe. With a chainsaw hand. That’s why everyone loves him. Me included. Evil Dead II is in my Top 5 of all-time favorite movies ever. EVER. Not just horror movies. ALL movies. The Dark Knight can still …

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A stretch…

10/16 Kinda pushin’ it with this one. He COULD be scary. He just isn’t. Gotta do some catch-up drawing tonight. Thank god I finally have money so I can eat dinner on my own.

I’ve got something to say…

You should retire today You’re a joke and ruining a legacy, and it’s gone to your head. Too much horror business At this late in life 1978 That’s when you should have stopped And you don’t go to the bathroom on stage and on and on. Give it up for Jerry Atric and the All-Star …

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Frankenstein’s Monster

10/14 Frankenstein’s Monster was always one of my favorite classic creatures. I don’t know why, exactly, but it always appealed to me. I read the novel when I was in 3rd Grade. I was obsessed. I’ll probably come back around to him before the month is up. Recording Gutter Trash tonight. Having dinner with my …

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10/13 Not much to say. Tired. Hungry. Much like angry mummy.