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1176. Invincible

*** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info

549. Invincible

I was trying something here. I failed. *** I watched a horror movie last night called We Are Still Here. I did not enjoy it. It’s a little too slow, the internal logic of the ghosts/monsters was wonky and not completely thought out, it seemed, nor the central gimmick of the movie. The lead actor …

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26. Invincible

256 – Invincible

I’ve been trying to catch up on season one of The Walking Dead before season two starts, so I decided to draw a character from Robert Kirkman’s other fantastic comic, Invincible. It is truly one of the top 5 best superhero comics being published. Unfortunately, I have chosen to read it in the “Ultimate Edition” …

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Zombie Invincible

10/07 A mix of hero and horror, the unofficial Walking Dead/Invincible crossover I’ve been wanting for years. I figger since I’ll be posting here everyday, and I’ve stopped posting on Newsarama, I’ll vent about whatever while I post art. …um… Got nothing to say. There may be a new episode of Gutter Trash up tonight. …

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