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640. Spooky Lady

Leftover inky horror, drawn for my friend (which might be a strong word) Natalie. In exchange I got two awesome pieces of handmade jewelry from her company, Natalie’s Dark Arts. Google it, check it out and buy something. So… this is one of those rare instances where I actually really like this drawing. I might …

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Thumbnails/layouts for a thing I’m finishing. Also some time-wasting doodles. Of ladies. Ladies’ butts. Because. Also, I have been fully immersed into a Rockford Files shaped hole and there are some pretty ladies on that show. I was sketching all this as I watched. I try not to think about the fact that these pretty …

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3. Lady Beetle

Over Christmas my closest friend asked if she could draw me something as a present. I said yes, she asked me what I would want. Whenever any of my friends asks me what I want them to draw, I say Blue Beetle (Ted Kord). Not being comfortable drawing male characters, she drew a female version. …

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107 – Spy Lady

I was watching The Monkees, and there was a lady with big floppy hat like this, and I wanted to draw it. I realize the resemblance to a Carmen Sandiego, but that is a phenomena which completely bypassed me.