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103. Star Boy

Once again, the general lack of diversity in the Legion leads me to draw this version of the character. Plus, the costume is a little snazzier. *** Stitches. An Irish comedy/horror movie about a gross, unfunny, untalented clown named “Stitches” who dies in a freak accident at a kid’s party. 6 years later he returns …

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81. Jim Rockford

I’m bad at likenesses. I’ve been watching the first season of THE ROCKFORD FILES for a couple weeks now. I enjoy it a lot, but the episodes have a sameness to them that a lot of older series suffer from (which is why I’ve not been able to watch too many of the old INCREDIBLE …

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Thumbnails/layouts for a thing I’m finishing. Also some time-wasting doodles. Of ladies. Ladies’ butts. Because. Also, I have been fully immersed into a Rockford Files shaped hole and there are some pretty ladies on that show. I was sketching all this as I watched. I try not to think about the fact that these pretty …

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