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174. James

Lars from yesterday was an accident, James is on purpose. I needed to round out the other half of the metal duo called “Metallica”. You can try to argue that there are other members of the band, but you’re wrong. There hasn’t been since Cliff Burton died. And if you think Kirk Hammet counts, you’re …

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173. Lars

It’s a happy accident that what I drew sort of turned into Lars Ulrich. It’s a happier accident that Lars has aged himself to look like a toad.

259 – Cowboy up

195 – Apathy

This guy does not care for or about you.

194 – Accusation

This guy disapproves of everything you are doing.

193 – A-Okay

I don’t know who this guy I drew is, but he assures me that everything is alright. That’s all I need to know. I trust him. Just look at him.

133 – Cyclops

And the last.

132 – Wolverine

One more.

131- Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler was one of my favorite X-Men when I started reading that comic, and he’s one of the coolest looking. Every attempt to change his costume has been dumb. But now he’s dead, so oh well. Spoiler.

129 – A Cat

I had to do a lot of find/replaces at work. So I tried to draw a kitty. ‘cuz I’m an old woman.