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Squadron Supreme

Today my final contribution to Calamity Jon’s Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Redux is posted. Click on the image above to check out the full post. At this point it has been over 2 years since my previous contribution went up over there. I feel bad that it took so long, as there was …

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My latest and penultimate piece for The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe Reduxe Edition is now up. I have drawn Stingray once before, but this time, I decided to play up the Iron Man aspect of the fact that the character is basically an undersea Iron Man. Even though I always prefer a clean, …

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208 – Stingray

I have never read a single comic with Stingray in it, and if I have, the character obviously never made an impression, outside of his costume – which is awesome. Apparently he is some sort of underwater Iron Man, the superhero oceanographer, and a reserve Avenger. I look forward to seeing his movie in 2018.